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I watch from a mile

I hear the wall whispers

To the scars I bear

Ileke yi o gbodo ja


the wall whispers

Tottering and muttering like bees

Our Ivory towers in chains

Love-struck like a ‘skulboy’

With wanton ‘koruption’

As the future jets off in chimney

Dreams in shackles like Virginia slaves


Hope, serving terms at olokuta

Truth, elegantly lodges at kirikiri

As herds of disillusioned Alphas

Merrily jam






Ileke yi o gbodo ja

the wall whispers

tottering and muttering

Like a drunk angry ghost


…their sirens blare

this house buckles

blood tar the highways

this house buckles

cruel carnages beautify the roads

this house buckles

the price of stables balloons

this house buckles


…their sirens blare

this house jarates with oriki

that mints may fill the air

Hypothesized poor souls

schooled by poverty


I hear the wall whispers

Is this the change we demands?

Are these the Alphas we crave?

Is this the house we envisage?


I hear the wall whispers

wailing like a mother in labour

muttering prayers to “Eledua”

Ileke yi o gbodo ja






© Adeoluwa C. Adekunle



The dawn birds chirped
Seamless choral harmony
With the crickets
Singing sad joyous songs
Look for her
Fight for her
Defy all doubts
It is a honourable thing to do
Look for her
The one in whom your heart beats
whom in her laughter you are found
The one who is the perfection of your being
Salute her for us
Even if you dread to do
For You
                                              By: Adeoluwa C A.
Image Credit: Google



To you my heart is given

But you never was mine

Never would be, you sputtered

That I was never good enough

I wasn’t angry, but I couldn’t understand


Why love

So treasured

Was outlawed

I couldn’t understand

Why love

So precious

Was spurned


At dawn through dusk

Stood I by your door




All that you ignored

All that you snubbed


Eternally incarcerated in  your love web

You hunt me like a cruel prey

As I attempted to crawl away

But then I couldn’t

To you Aduni, my heart is given

    © Adeoluwa Adekunle

    Picture Credit: Google




I am the night

no honourable I know

I treat all equally


I am the night

the harbinger, Yes

good and evil

haa haa haa

I am the Night


I am the night:

unrepented mother of the dawn,

I create the dreams,

I reap the dreams,

I laugh off your pains.


I am the night

the first of creations

I rule with cruel fist


I am the night

no honourable I know

I treat all equally


I am the night

gate keeper

of all souls

I am the night

I mould your fate


I am the night

confidant of Ebora Owu

I am the night

I snuffed breathe out of Umoru

I decide Ebele’s fate


I, the night

is the cancer that plagued Patience

I am the night

the lying tongue

that deceive the masses


I am the night

I harbour the boko

and the haram

I shelter the mandala spirit

soliciting vengeance


I, the night

is the partial judge

that denies them justice;


I am the night

I canonize your fate. 

Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran



At the crossroads when nothing appeals

I sat heavy with your thoughts

If only I could twist the hand of time

I wish

At the crossroads when all bends bid

I watch you clutch the tide and fade

If only I could buy it with dollars or sterling

I wish

At the crossroads where everyone chooses

I remember how our path cross

If only I have a whiff I could have signal

That you choose the path I travel

The crossroads where all bear their crosses

You came; chose and left

But it was you I await

I sail the Niger and Benue

I climb the seven mountains

Through the seven continents

If I had known

I could have chosen

The path you trod

How I wish

You have chosen differently!


wake up, wake up
the voice whispers
heed the call of omomo*
the voice whispers

who is omomo?

omomo abajal’orun okeke
eni mo o ko
eni ko o mo
the gorgeous king of Osan**

eru ti ba rere leru
ara orun ti n se oko obinrin
herald the gorgeous king of Osan
the voice whispers

the black king of the wood
bids you come
omomo brings you wealth
omomo brings you health
omomo brings joy
the voice whispers

wake up, wake up
omomo awaits you

*Omomo is a biennial masqurade in Agba Oka-Akoko

**Osan is one of the three quarters at Agba, Oka-Akoko

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Asawa calls
That I give you
Her endearing crabs and thrills
That daily drill her flesh


Agedu beckons
That I give you
Her artistic oji bata
That daily shield her
From the seductive
eyes of the sun


Ojomirin, the Everest queen
Summons with alacrity
That I give you
Yes, you Asake
The tawingi
That relentlessly dance daily
To transfix her pious worshipers

To them all I said, no
Yes, I said, no
Hmm… All that glitters,
Asake, adumaradan
Abi egbinleke lorun
All that glitters…


All that glitters
Is not gold

Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran

Author’s Note
*Asake is a tribal name among the Yoruba people of South-West Nigeria for a female

*Asawa is local stream in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Agedu is local lake in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Ojomirin is is local stream situated on a mountain in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Ojibata is the Yoruba name for Algae

*Tawinji is the Yoruba name for Lavals

* Adumaradan is simply black ebony


HERE [Muse at a Crossroads]



the sky was dark


the road led no where

at each bend we kept fate

you were here

through the dream’s ray


through the dark moon

through the tiny star

that betrayed tomorrow


yet not deterred

battered by tiny star

that heralded the rain

we kept fate


we followed

like fanatic astronomers

hallowed by divine quest

robed by



and unity

you were here






even M.K.O.

perhaps Banjo

both defied golgotha

you were here

as ebora owu

the recalcitrant spirit

mounted the third road block

to reap our dreams


when the evil in genius

commandeered ghana-must-go

to plunder the harvest

we kept fate

we crossed fingers

as pro-fes-sor of perdition


marched us to electoral infernal

you were here


umaru bloated at the global altar

“my election was rigged!”

yet the supreme cult

defiled our dreams

a nah-ion-al funeral



the assembly of rogues

roger Henry de Bracton

to enthrone our shoeless lad

our badluck

our albatross

                    Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran


Under the sun in the rain

She humbly await your service

The khaki coercively initiate

Your otodo mind as

She sit graciously proud of you

Behold her humble nature

And conform oh otodo

Double up for the task ahead

This phase is the cradle to greatness

Piously take your bow

At her sacred altar

                         -Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran


We are not crushed

Like a phoenix we rise

Matching with all resonance

Unto this cause we lay breathe

Until we swim in champaign

The odds: our strength

The truth: our source

Though, the trench our haven

In edifice you abode

But we live ahead of time

Right in the palace of posterity

Now we sail in galloping sea

Then shall there be asphalt

For our beasts

Even if we sleep

Our seeds will engender

Soaring like an eagle

So will the cause be rudder

Then shall our learning be rapid

So we shall beam even at sleep

                                    -Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran