At the crossroads when nothing appeals

I sat heavy with your thoughts

If only I could twist the hand of time

I wish

At the crossroads when all bends bid

I watch you clutch the tide and fade

If only I could buy it with dollars or sterling

I wish

At the crossroads where everyone chooses

I remember how our path cross

If only I have a whiff I could have signal

That you choose the path I travel

The crossroads where all bear their crosses

You came; chose and left

But it was you I await

I sail the Niger and Benue

I climb the seven mountains

Through the seven continents

If I had known

I could have chosen

The path you trod

How I wish

You have chosen differently!


About baldpen

Geniuses are born and could be made only through dint of diligence and hard-work. Some bards are sung while some are studied and some lived beyond their time. I want to be known for my lines...

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm, the crossroads where some many events occurs

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