wake up, wake up
the voice whispers
heed the call of omomo*
the voice whispers

who is omomo?

omomo abajal’orun okeke
eni mo o ko
eni ko o mo
the gorgeous king of Osan**

eru ti ba rere leru
ara orun ti n se oko obinrin
herald the gorgeous king of Osan
the voice whispers

the black king of the wood
bids you come
omomo brings you wealth
omomo brings you health
omomo brings joy
the voice whispers

wake up, wake up
omomo awaits you

*Omomo is a biennial masqurade in Agba Oka-Akoko

**Osan is one of the three quarters at Agba, Oka-Akoko

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About baldpen

Geniuses are born and could be made only through dint of diligence and hard-work. Some bards are sung while some are studied and some lived beyond their time. I want to be known for my lines...

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  1. More!

  2. This is simply Back to the roots. Wonderfully composed

  3. This is beautiful

  4. Nice one. Reminds me of d days we have to cram poems. More power to ur elbow

  5. Omomo pls I need wealth, gbam

  6. Wonderful piece of art! The beauty of yoruba culture.

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