I watch from a mile

I hear the wall whispers

To the scars I bear

Ileke yi o gbodo ja


the wall whispers

Tottering and muttering like bees

Our Ivory towers in chains

Love-struck like a ‘skulboy’

With wanton ‘koruption’

As the future jets off in chimney

Dreams in shackles like Virginia slaves


Hope, serving terms at olokuta

Truth, elegantly lodges at kirikiri

As herds of disillusioned Alphas

Merrily jam






Ileke yi o gbodo ja

the wall whispers

tottering and muttering

Like a drunk angry ghost


…their sirens blare

this house buckles

blood tar the highways

this house buckles

cruel carnages beautify the roads

this house buckles

the price of stables balloons

this house buckles


…their sirens blare

this house jarates with oriki

that mints may fill the air

Hypothesized poor souls

schooled by poverty


I hear the wall whispers

Is this the change we demands?

Are these the Alphas we crave?

Is this the house we envisage?


I hear the wall whispers

wailing like a mother in labour

muttering prayers to “Eledua”

Ileke yi o gbodo ja






© Adeoluwa C. Adekunle



The dawn birds chirped
Seamless choral harmony
With the crickets
Singing sad joyous songs
Look for her
Fight for her
Defy all doubts
It is a honourable thing to do
Look for her
The one in whom your heart beats
whom in her laughter you are found
The one who is the perfection of your being
Salute her for us
Even if you dread to do
For You
                                              By: Adeoluwa C A.
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To you my heart is given

But you never was mine

Never would be, you sputtered

That I was never good enough

I wasn’t angry, but I couldn’t understand


Why love

So treasured

Was outlawed

I couldn’t understand

Why love

So precious

Was spurned


At dawn through dusk

Stood I by your door




All that you ignored

All that you snubbed


Eternally incarcerated in  your love web

You hunt me like a cruel prey

As I attempted to crawl away

But then I couldn’t

To you Aduni, my heart is given

    © Adeoluwa Adekunle

    Picture Credit: Google


woman-with-round-earring-72Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran

Kindly read the previous episode before going ahead with this. Though, belated but it is better late than never.


After the messy birthday of Tade, Yinka and Martins became drawn to each other. The duo frequently exchanged voice call for hours, they evolved well within four weeks and we were happy. At a point, Tade will always tease Martins of robbing him of his only true girlfriend. But, “I’m glad you guys are getting along well”. Throughout those periods, Martins hardly say two words without mentioning Yinka. Within the shortest period of time that Martins met Yinka via BBM, he had tall dreams and plan for her, and this to me was unusual. Most times in my conservative disposition I often told him to slow down, “you haven’t met this lady yet, there are more to what you see and say over the phone”. “I know where that’s coming from” he would always say.

I was in Abuja on a business trip when Bosun called to inform me Martins had serious preparation to visit Yinka in Port-Harcourt. I was quite fascinated and proud of such brave move. Though we all thought it should have been the other way round, 21st Century seems to have changed a whole lot of things. A day before the trip Martin came home earlier than usual. Before we could query him, he cleared all speculations. “My leave has been approved, now I can go spend time with my Butterfly”. The next day he was air bound.

Yinka was at the airport to receive him; she was obviously excited to see him at last. Within minutes, the lovebirds were locked in passionate embrace. “Welcome to Port-Harcourt Sweetheart”, she said disengaging. “It is good to see you finally butterfly”. “Look at you, those pictures on your Blackberry dp didn’t represent at all”. How do you mean? I mean you are more beautiful compared to your numerous pictures I have seen. “I am flattered dear, but I hope it is as true as it sounds”. She said moving towards a Black Honda CR-V 2010 Model. “Lovely car you have here!” “Thank you honeypie”.

The ride home was long and cold. Martin was visibly tired and needed sleep as a result of the flight, but he shoved the thought aside. Martin engaged her in various discussions, particularly politics and Yinka was a handful. Butterfly, “since you have proven your expertise in Nigerian politics, what do you make of the presidential race?” “You know handsome, OBJ is a schooled conman and the North should be weary of him”, she said. “My observation so far, though, different from the make believe analysis common in the dailies this day. I have shared it with some of my pals but they differed, so I kept quiet. The long and short of it is that Baba Iyabo is rooting for the minority to be the President of this country”.

“His choice of Y’ardua is a ruse. The gist is Y’ardua is suffering from a severe cancer that has kept him out of his duties most part of his tenure as Governor of Kastina State. He has a short time to live and Obasanjo knows. Again, the choice of Jonathan as a running mate is all part of the game. When Y’ardua dies, Jonathan becomes the president. The northern kingmaker knows this too, but they will be so shocked by the time OBJ is done with them. Even OBJ too will be cut up in the web of intrigues that will follow, you just watch events unfold”.

Martins was enthralled by her analysis and he was pleased; he said to himself, “I made a good choice after all”. Yinka’s voice brought him back, when she said welcome home Ololufemi. He didn’t recover from his soul journey on time, but he did just enough to get by and he said thank you dear.

She wheeled in the small Saint Laurel bag Martins came with and he found a comfortable spot on the couch. He was visibly engrossed by the elegance and sophisticated nature of her living room. He browsed from one art portrait to another in sheer admiration; he didn’t even notice Yinka was behind him. Rhetorically, he said “could this be a lady’s living room?” “It was designed by one of the best interior décor experts in town and all I did was to open my purse and watch”, she said. He was startled as if he just heard and saw a ghost. “Sorry I didn’t notice you were here, I was engrossed by what you have here. Please don’t mind my chauvinist jab” he quickly added. “No problem, you are not the first to lose it here. But I’m glad you like it. Table is set and lunch is ready”, she said, hopping on his back as they both moved towards the dinning table.

“In a long while Honey; I haven’t had pounded yam and this is sumptuous. You are such a good cook but I doubt if you are better than I am”. He left his seat to meet her, he pulled her up and he buried his lips in hers. Yinka didn’t resist, she welcome him with hot passion, they lasted for about five minutes and Martins carried her into his arms.  Yinka’s heart skipped, she thought he would head towards the bedroom, rather, he took her to the living room. He placed her carefully on the three-sitter couch, he kissed her with renowned warmth, caressed her neck, touched her soft lips with his index finger and he placed a hot kiss on her forehead. This time Yinka was ready for a showdown but Martins fought hard the temptation to probe further and he stopped though not swiftly. To cast out any embarrassing look, he made up by tickling her and she laughed until her ribs could not take it any more. Finally, she found her voice; “I didn’t know you are such a bad boy, Handsome. You got me panting endlessly”. “Where are we going tonight Butterfly?” Pretending as if he didn’t hear what she said. Also, he wanted to know if the coast is clear for his ‘royal treat’.

“Since I got wind of your visit, I have had my eyes on the Silverbird Cinemas’ Screen list. Expendables is going down this evening, would you like to see it?” “Yea, that would be great! Is good to have Stallone back on screen!” “Oh mine I’m a big fan” Yinka exclaimed! “I still have a CD of his movie with Sharon Stone, and also Rambo; both are pleasant delight to me. I would like to see those again”, Martins said. “Oh that reminds me, a long time boodie called just before I boarded this morning and he is right here in town. Would you like to say hello after the movie?” “Oh sure! In the main time Sweetheart, let me tidy up the kitchen while you get some quick nap”. “Like seriously, I needed to close my eyes”, he said while they kiss again.

“Have you ever fallen in love so badly, you will do anything to make him understand”-Brandy- was having it slow from the CD player of the car as they both drove towards the Presidential Hotel along the airport road. Martins had all the plans perfected without Yinka having the slightest hint of what was to come. There was a competition on who knows Brandy’s songs the most. Martins missed with ‘Long Distance’ intentionally to allow her have a feel of victory and most importantly to avoid any probing that will give him away. “Yes, I won and for daring to compete, here is your fine ‘GC Ladies Mother of Pearl white ceramic bracelet watch”. “You got it!”, Martins said trying to focus on the wheel.

They arrived at the Presidential Hotel. Martins got down and quickly got Yinka’s door, while a doorman waited to pack the car safely and another led the way. “Welcome Mr. Martins, how are you finding your stay in Port-Harcourt?”  “Very well thank you”. The VIP Lounge was well lighted in blue, red and green light all jostling to take their turn. A soft music filled the background. Beautiful hostesses were strategically positioned to be beckoned for any services. At the far end was a table for two and the only table available. Finally, Yinka broke lose of the spell. “I thought you said…” Martins placed his fingers on her lips. Quietly, he led her to the table and he shifted the chair for her to sit. Yinka was obviously caught in the web of surprises and she looked on in amazement.

“Butterfly, please discard my earlier information, there is no friend anywhere. It was all made up to get you here. This is my friends’ plan they insisted I give you a royal treat tonight. They planned and executed it, everything you see here is their handiwork.” “Really I’m lost. I have no clue; you swept me off my feet. It’s just that Tade is in soup for not telling about this when we spoke this evening.” They had a quiet dinner, both secretly admiring each other while ravishing their meal. “Sweetheart, excuse me I want to use the gent.”

The voice jolted her but Matins was nowhere close to the band. She looked around but gave up when she couldn’t find him. “Luther Vandross song is very dear to Yinka; you can sing her one of those on your visit”, Tade told him at the club. When Martins emerged with ‘Endless Love’, Yinka could not hold back anymore, she stood up with both hands clasped on her mouth. She requested for a microphone and they both sang together. It was a fulfilling night for the duo.

“Honey your phone is ringing”, Yinka called from the bedroom. “Okay let it ring Sweet, I’m on leave”, he said from the kitchen where he was fixing breakfast. Moments later she brought the device, it won’t stop ringing. It was his CMD; he collected the phone and dropped it on the cabinet. “Butterfly I’m on break, no disturbances!” Yinka begged him to pick and he agreed. The phone rang again and he answered. “Hello, Dr. Martins, we have been trying to reach you since yesterday, we have an emergency and we are due for an operation by 2pm I need all my good hands, please come in. “But sir, I’m not in town…”. “Don’t worry, I have had your flight booked and I will forward the reference code to you right away. Your flight is for 9:30am”. And the line went dead.

“Duty calls beautiful, I’m sorry. It is the oath I swore, I thought I had gotten away but no”. “I understand Handsome, let me worry about that, while you go have your bath. A while later, Yinka drove him to the airport; the flight was delayed till 12:30pm.

Few months after Martins visited he had the ‘GC Wristwatch’ delivered. Yinka could not believe it when she saw the package. “Oh my God! This costs £430, 000’ Martin why now?” She screamed and made the entire office panic. Her secretary with other staff rushed into her office, they were dead scared. “Ma’am, hope there’s no problem? We were startled by your scream”, her secretary managed to say. “All is well Helen, you all may return to your desk”. When they left, she screamed again; they all wanted to rush in again but decided against it. “Helen, when madam don calm down small tell am say make she go see her doctor, you hear me so”, one of them said. And they all laughed, moving towards their desk.

Yinka was crazily in love with Martins but there was nothing he could do about that, her fate was sealed. She was due to walk the aisle in two months. She had her introduction two weeks after Martins left PH. Yinka had been betrothed to the only son of the Philips since she was ten. Her parents had been on her neck to honour that agreement and save the family from eternal embarrassment. “Should I go ahead and accept this gift? Stephen will ask me where it came from. How do I explain that? If I didn’t accept it will blow my cover and Martins would ask questions? What will be the implication of my action? What do I do now?” These were the questions that played on Yinka’s mind as she sat glued to her chair behind her desk. She shrugged; “I will accept and damn the consequences”. She called Martins to say thank you.

We were all at the club one Saturday evening and I was wresting with several bottles of valentino as the rest punched on the baileys. That evening we expected Claire to be part of the groove but she wasn’t. I was a little startled when she called my phone. I was tempted to hand it over to Tade thinking she has difficulty reaching him on his line. Reluctantly, I answered the call. “Hello Pretty…” “Shola leave that for now” she cut in. “The information I’m about to give you will sadden your heart, perhaps shatter it but I know you are the only one with the wit to handle such terrible news”. I only managed to say ‘go on’ and she let out the bomb shell. By this time I was fifty meters away from our table. ‘”Yinka is getting married next weekend”, she said. “What! No…no…you are joking right?” “Did I joke with that yesterday or something? I’m telling you what I know for real. If you doubt me take your pals home now, you all should listen to NTA 9:00pm news tonight. It will be aired during one of the commercial breaks”. “Who is the groom?”, “I asked I’m not saying anymore go discover it yourself”.

I hurried back to the table, wearing my best make up smile. Tade was ranting about Claire’s abscence, I managed to put that off. “She’s probably fixed and couldn’t come; you know the nature of her work young man”, I told him. With a glance at my watch I said, “guys all roads lead to my apartment we have had enough this evening, anyone interested in liquid can continue when you get there”.

We were stepping into the compound when PHCN took power, they chorused, NEPA!. I saw Ibrahim walk briskly towards the generator house after he had firmly secured the gate. The news was already on as the HD machine came up. “Gentlemen let’s listen to the news tonight, I can see Bosun and Martins already scrambling for the cable remote”. “That serves the two of you right” Tade said. They both kicked but Tade and I didn’t listen. Ten minutes into the news, the announcement came, Yinka was to be married to the son of Oyo State Governor. According to the public announcement it was to take place at Ado-Ekiti, the country home of Yinka.

“No it is not possible maybe there is a mistake somewhere. It couldn’t have been my Yinka. I still spoke with her on my way here. Maybe they bear the same name”, Martins said. He picked his phone to call her but the line was switched off. Martins was losing it. He was sweating like an athletic soul who has just completed a marathon. The 2.5 horse power air condition and the standing fan in the living availed less. We gathered round him to provide additional fresh air with the dailies and other periodicals.  Bosun held him to prevent him from any irrational step. He said, “I want to drink hot water. Shola please I feel so cold within. Tade see where love across the bbm landed me ehn..! Ha that wedding will not hold! No, it would not hold! He wept like a baby denied of succor. Yinka ba ma ti se bayi si mi, he said. Bosun, I thought I have found love!”. He was completely shattered.  Our pain obviously is beyond letters. We nursed our pain together without the slightest clue on the next move.


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I am the night

no honourable I know

I treat all equally


I am the night

the harbinger, Yes

good and evil

haa haa haa

I am the Night


I am the night:

unrepented mother of the dawn,

I create the dreams,

I reap the dreams,

I laugh off your pains.


I am the night

the first of creations

I rule with cruel fist


I am the night

no honourable I know

I treat all equally


I am the night

gate keeper

of all souls

I am the night

I mould your fate


I am the night

confidant of Ebora Owu

I am the night

I snuffed breathe out of Umoru

I decide Ebele’s fate


I, the night

is the cancer that plagued Patience

I am the night

the lying tongue

that deceive the masses


I am the night

I harbour the boko

and the haram

I shelter the mandala spirit

soliciting vengeance


I, the night

is the partial judge

that denies them justice;


I am the night

I canonize your fate. 

Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran



At the crossroads when nothing appeals

I sat heavy with your thoughts

If only I could twist the hand of time

I wish

At the crossroads when all bends bid

I watch you clutch the tide and fade

If only I could buy it with dollars or sterling

I wish

At the crossroads where everyone chooses

I remember how our path cross

If only I have a whiff I could have signal

That you choose the path I travel

The crossroads where all bear their crosses

You came; chose and left

But it was you I await

I sail the Niger and Benue

I climb the seven mountains

Through the seven continents

If I had known

I could have chosen

The path you trod

How I wish

You have chosen differently!


wake up, wake up
the voice whispers
heed the call of omomo*
the voice whispers

who is omomo?

omomo abajal’orun okeke
eni mo o ko
eni ko o mo
the gorgeous king of Osan**

eru ti ba rere leru
ara orun ti n se oko obinrin
herald the gorgeous king of Osan
the voice whispers

the black king of the wood
bids you come
omomo brings you wealth
omomo brings you health
omomo brings joy
the voice whispers

wake up, wake up
omomo awaits you

*Omomo is a biennial masqurade in Agba Oka-Akoko

**Osan is one of the three quarters at Agba, Oka-Akoko

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Ribadu’s Report End of the Beginning

Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran

Every committee that emerged after the oil subsidy fiasco has obviously been ridden with controversy. In fact, Farouk Lawan’s report seems to be dwindling; probably it is just a matter of time before those who supplanted it begin mucky toast to victory. Nuhu Ribadu wouldn’t have swallowed the pill that snuffed life out of “Integrity” in the case of Lawan, but Nuhu is a man with a basket full of over-ambition and he has always been exploited.

Considering the drama that trailed the submission of Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force (PRSTF) report recently, an illiterate could rightly guess the end result. It is appalling how serious national issues that threaten our very existence as a nation could be turned into a witch-hunting parade. Could it be that Oronsonya was acting out a script? Or was he the shylock of our time bent on taking his pound of flesh from Ribadu, who dared him as the EFCC Boss? But must he achieve this at the expense of the whole nation?

With this turn, one could not but question the sincerity and willingness of the government to make anything good out of every petite committee that erupted in the course of the subsidy brouhaha. In governance around the world, when government is so pressured, they constitute committees to take the heat off them. Nigerians got the message well, when these committees were coming out here and there that the government is only being mischievous. But where the report of such kangaroo committee reveals more than meet the eye, then a wise government would use the report to ensure sanctity in the system.  Here everything is about rote!

Should Oronsoya’s claim that the report of PRSTF is incomplete be condoned and trashed? Was Dr. Doyin Okupe who trashed the report even before the white paper committee was constituted, aware that Oronsonya became a member of the board of NNPC as at the time he was the Deputy Chairman of the task force and did not at any point think it morally fit to disengage himself from the activities of the task force. Perhaps, Okupe’s job was to forewarn the eventful outcome of a job the white paper committee is yet to do.

The management of Nigeria’s hydrocarbon Assets requires radical transformation. Mr. President confirmed it himself. What is the fear of government should it sanitize the downstream sector? Pundits who read the report argued that the fact some figures were not verified is not enough reason for government to jettison the report. Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, the Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association and member of the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force (PRSTF), urged the government to focus on substance and implement the findings in the report.

Criticism trailed Nuhu’s appointment as the chairman of the task force. Action Congress of Nigeria was completely averse to his acceptance of the job, a national duty. Was it that they envisaged nothing good out of the Nazareth of the PDP government? What could have been the reaction of the ACN to the outcome of the Ribadu’s report, despite the robust reaction from the public in this regard, ACN has remained mom.

If eventually, Ribadu’s report goes the way Uwias’, Okupta and many other genuine efforts of patriotic Nigerians had gone; then we have missed it yet again as a nation.

This article is being published by Nigeria SPUR Magazine





Asawa calls
That I give you
Her endearing crabs and thrills
That daily drill her flesh


Agedu beckons
That I give you
Her artistic oji bata
That daily shield her
From the seductive
eyes of the sun


Ojomirin, the Everest queen
Summons with alacrity
That I give you
Yes, you Asake
The tawingi
That relentlessly dance daily
To transfix her pious worshipers

To them all I said, no
Yes, I said, no
Hmm… All that glitters,
Asake, adumaradan
Abi egbinleke lorun
All that glitters…


All that glitters
Is not gold

Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran

Author’s Note
*Asake is a tribal name among the Yoruba people of South-West Nigeria for a female

*Asawa is local stream in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Agedu is local lake in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Ojomirin is is local stream situated on a mountain in Oka Akoko, Ondo State Nigeria

*Ojibata is the Yoruba name for Algae

*Tawinji is the Yoruba name for Lavals

* Adumaradan is simply black ebony



Adeolu C. Alupogun-Iran

It was on Tade’s birthday and we all sat together after round of beating and water bathing. This has been customary to such occasions among us. We all settled into the couch anticipating who will come with the first package among his numerous admirers and three girlfriends. While waiting, we teased him about a fight that is likely to ensue, turning his well set living room into a boxing ring when they all show up and this made him almost laugh his heart out.

Moment of silence followed afterwards as a ping came in, Tade picked up his Blackberry device to check who joined the list of well wishers on his gracious day. He read quietly while we waited anxiously, expecting him to take the usual route of reading it out to us but he didn’t. He just smiled and dropped the device. Obviously we were agitated at this strange turn; Tade noticed but simply ignored it. ‘There won’t be a sacred cow around here today’ Bosun said. Martins picked up the device and we all tucked to read as well as confirm who the sender was.

Yinka has been a good friend of Tade for a long time; in fact they were at the same university, an opportunity which really fine-tuned their friendship. Often times, he has reiterated that whatever transpired between them was no business of ours and we have always respected that. This explained why he had acted the way he did. Quietly, we let go of the BlackBerry device and swallowed every word we were tempted to say. Before we resettle to our ‘waiting’ mission, Martins cleared his throat in a mischievous manner and we all looked at him. ‘Tade can I have Yinka’s pin please?’ he said. We were all dazzled! Martins had not met Yinka before but he has heard a great deal about her. We all knew what it was about, so, everyone kept mute; “I would have to ask her” Tade replied. “Fare enough” he said reclaiming his previous position.

The door bell buzzed and we all dashed across the door like kids expecting Santa. The drama is nothing expected of full grown adults like us, but mind you, it was Tade’s birthday and we were signed up for real fun no matter how childish. Finally, we agreed that I get the door while the others hide behind the couch and door. At the door was beautiful Claire, who obviously has been wondering what the drama was about.  She was about asking me where her dear Tade was, when he popped up behind the couch and just like whirlwind she was well wrapped around him in embrace. “Happy birthday dearie!” she said in a bed room voice. And of course! She did bring the first package.

Moment later Tade emerged from the room with the good news. Yinka approved I shared her pin with you, he said.”Thank you”, Martins responded with a smile. For a short while we lost Martins to Yinka as the duo locked horns on BBM. He often laughed and screamed while the tittle-tattle lasted. Martins indeed found a company with Yinka. This to me was very impressive.

The sound of the door bell startled us. The expression on our faces were chaotic, none of us attempted to get the door this time. Unfortunately, Claire surfaced and was at the door. Until then did it dawn on us that the unavoidable is about to happen. Within me I thought in Yoruba- ibi to ba le la ti ma ba omokunrin. Tade had obviously been unsettled, but a glance at me restored calm to his face. “The master must be prepared at all times”, he said in a whispering voice.

As soon as the door opened, Adeola cropped up with a hilarious scream ignoring every one of us including Claire the ‘doorman’. She hugged and kissed Tade, Bosun could hardly resist the temptation not to talk anymore and he said “hmm…just like one of the Nollywood movie scenes”. We could not but laugh, surprisingly Claire did too! Adeola wouldn’t have stopped if that did not happen. She left Tade to give us bare hugs while she cast a ridiculous glance on Claire. But Claire in her cultured manner ignored her and went in. There was a long pause. Tade excused himself and closed the right eye indicating “code yellow”. We understood perfectly, so with calculated precisions we managed Adeola while Tade attended to Claire in the room.

Just when we thought we had prevented the looming danger. Folakemi made entrance, barging in on us like when NEPA ceased power without warning. She greeted us warmly and dropped her package on the dining table. She was about reverting to us when she overheard the whispering from the room, she decided against it and headed straight to the bedroom. Without wasting time Martins pursed but he was too late. Before he could catch up, Folakemi had descended on Claire like a rushing water fall. Just before Tade or Martins could wrestle Claire off the ravaging Folakemi she was done with her victim.

With a swift turn she slapped both Tade and Martins. Though, Martins was at the receiving end because he wanted to hold her hand. Hmm…while we rushed in from the living room we left Adeola behind, who sat glued to the couch. We never knew she gave us a long rope to pull. We were still hovering over Claire who had just been bartered. Suddenly, the sound from the living room was more forceful than the last hurricane sandy that hit the US soil.

By the time we arrived, the well set living room had indeed been turned into a boxing ring. The two ladies were on the floor beating themselves blue-black. We all looked at Tade who obviously appeared like a person from a heavy rain, “indeed the master had been caught off guard” I said unconsciously. Adeola pounded Folakemi real good and we all watched to our delight. We only intervened when Folakemi attempted to employ the nearby stool. Preventing any lost of live. That certainly we cannot afford. Tade had met the duo through the BBM six and eight months ago. He did ask them out even before they agreed to meet.

The ugly incident had robbed us of our energy and sense of time. We never knew our guests for the birthday party had arrived. They all gathered outside in twos, threes and perhaps more wandering what was going on in there. It was way too embarrassing for us all. Tade out of fury threw both Adeola and Folakemi out, warning them vehemently never to return. Would the party still hold? This question disturbed my mind. My word bank seemed empty and I sat dejected, trying to forge ahead. Before I could finish booting, Tade was on his way out and we all followed him. We had no idea what would happen. We were face to face with people who had come with load of expectations; perhaps thought Saturday night will rock. Those expectations were certainly cut short as Tade announced the cancellation of the party without any emotion.

There was a long stand still; none of us knew where to start from. We sat looking like morons. The sound of a car about parking outside brought us back to life and we all gathered to check who would emerged from the car. Alas, it was Isabel the Minister’s daughter who was bent on dating Tade. We all clasped our heads definitely resigning to the unfortunate fate that marked the day. She was in company of two other ladies all looking radiant and party ready. Tade took Claire in while we attended to our guests. Isabel bounced in; we exchanged pleasantries with wide eyes. “What’s happening here? Where is the party? What are you guys doing at home? And where is my dear Tade?” I replied, “Which of these questions do you want answered first?” “Tade is not in and party cancelled”, Martins said in low voice. “Oh shit! Why didn’t Tade tell me?” She stormed out of the flat with her entourage in anger. Relief was what we all felt.

We spent the remaining part of the night persuading and apologizing to Claire. She was determined to bow out of the relationship with Tade but for the good will of his friends, she decided against it. It was indeed a dark day for Master Tade.                                                                                                                                                                        …to be continued